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Welcome To Office Of Student Affairs
Student Counseling Section

The goal of the NTUB Counseling Center is to assist students, staff, faculty, and parents in self-development and learning to cope with emotional, social, and interpersonal concern.. When you feel anxious thinking about your academic plan, relationship and career concerns, NTUB Counseling Center supports you during academic and life adjustment.

Our center is a friendly environment for individuals in the NTUB community. There are psychiatrist, counseling psychologists and social workers to provide consultation, counseling and therapy in individual counseling rooms and group activity room. Moreover, we provides plenty of movies on DVD, fiction/non-fiction books and journals to be rented. 

Our services include:

①Individual counseling.

②Group counseling and workshop.

③Psychological and career tests.

④Speech and workshop for academic advisors.

⑤Gender equity education.

⑥Mental health promotion and prevention: lectures, seminars, free movie screening, and guidance program for classes.

⑦Volunteering training program.

⑧Resource room for students with disabilities.