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The Art and Literature Center of Nanhua University handles the "Tianyi Rewarding for Work" Joint Exhibition of Calligraphy Works for Inter-religious Exchanges

The Art and Literature Center of South China University is organizing the "Tianyi Rewarding for Work" joint exhibition of calligraphy works for cross-religious exchanges. Welcome to register.

1. Exhibition time: March 29, 110 to April 11, 110 (open for visits on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00, and visits by group reservations on national holidays).
2. Exhibition location: Sanhao Hall, Zhongdao Building, Nanhua University.
3. Opening Tea Party: March 31, 110 (Wednesday) 10:00-11:30, welcome to join in the grand event.
4. For visit application matters, please contact Ms. Chen at 05-2121001 extension 2261, and contact email: artist@nhu.edu.tw.

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