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National Taipei University Of Business - Student Affairs Office


About us

(1) With lasting moral education activities, Office of Student Affairs cultivates students to have good behaviors and positive living attitudes. In order to forward the good interact between teachers and students, build the campus to have warm caring and be thanksgiving. Besides, through schools’ administration cooperation,Office of Student Affairs has multi-subject layouts to deeply cultivate the culture of morality.

(2) Strengthen hold campus activities and campus clubs activities. Expand local community activities and combine development of community and strengthen campus clubs sustainable operation and invite specialists in teaching campus clubs to lecture,train and forward students. Besides, combining campus clubs teachers, Campus Security Centers, Office of General Administration, and Physical Education Affairs, Office of Student Affairs expand affairs operation, general development and students’ securities.

(3) As Taipei and tao-yuan campus had founded, we adjust nursing personnel, to assist day Medicare deal with emergency patient, guidance founded ‘sanitation care service group’ and through some course relate to health and training to advance students’ cognition to health. This became the basis for us to promote health and advance some activities. We also build up a “form down to up” system to establish auto-learning environment. Through each health issue activities, we will make health issue become part of our life.

(4) The objectives of the student counseling center are to respect and accept students as they are and help them understand themselves so that they can wisely choose and plan their academic and business career, and become accustomed to the various requirements of the environment. The Center enjoys a cozy individual counseling room, a group activity room and a test room. The Center also hires experts on and out of the campus to offer counseling services, which include:Counseling,Psychological tests,Lectures and seminars on specific topics, and various growth groups and workshops,  Seminars on counseling knowledge and capacity,Lending of psychology books, periodicals and audio-video material.

(5)Continuing and deepening our students’ internal and external ‘serve and learn’ activity, ex: schedule overseas service project, remote districts service group and consist overseas service group by guide student group. And provide allowance to broader students’ serve and learn territory and their horizon. Developing students personal view points of dedicate aggressively and love the society.

(6)To help foreign students adapt to the living style, study life and cultural difference in Taiwan, this group utilizes a holistic, whole-process, and comprehensive counseling model with a warm and caring attitude and a single-window service method to assist foreign students in adapting study life in NTUB.