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Overseas Student Service Section

The Overseas Student Service Team was approved and authorized by the Ministry of Education on November 23, 2015. At present, there are a team leader and a team member to serve the overseas students of our school (including overseas Chinese students, Hong Kong and Macao students, foreign students and Mainland Chinese students, etc.).

To help foreign students adapt to the living style, study life and cultural difference in Taiwan, this group utilizes a holistic, whole-process, and comprehensive counseling model with a warm and caring attitude and a single-window service method to assist foreign students in adapting study life in NTUB.

lHolistic: Holistic individualized counseling for self-psychological support, financial assistance and medical care.

lThe whole-process: Assistance of residency, entry and exit, health insurance, schoolwork, part-time job, scholarships, and career from before enrollment toafter graduation.

lComprehensive: Comprehensive counseling on administrative and teaching, family and community, life and interpersonal aspects.

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Job title

Job description

Contact details

Liao,Hui Fang

Division leader

Responsible for the whole division.



Wang,Hui Chen

Division member

1.Report to the Ministry of Education about the annual guidance work implementation plan and expendit,ure report.
2.Seek funding for activities from related units
3.Reception, registration and admission guidance for freshmen.
4.Application, forwarding and settlement report of various scholarships and student grants for overseas students.
5.RFA, achievement report and verification of various activities, including conferences, Chinese New Year event, International Week, farewell party, cadre workshop, orientation for freshmen, winter solstice event, etc.
6.Apply medical insurance for overseas Chinese and foreign Students.
7.Apply work permit for overseas Chinese and foreign students from the Ministry of Labor.
8.Counseling and contact for overseas students.
9.Handle and solve the difficult and special problems of overseas students.
10.Help overseas student association organize various activities.
11.Dissemination of graduation guidance for overseas students.
12.Maintenance and notification of the Foreign Student System of the Ministry of Education.
13.Web page management.
14.Temporary tasks assigned by superiors.