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National Taipei University Of Business - Student Affairs Office


Future Prospects

Future Prospects- Cultivate commercial registration, promote Humanization "The main goal of Student Affairs Division is to c ultivate students to be business elitists with abilities of vocational skill, international views and solicitude for society". In order to service society in the future, we encourage students to have the competence of integrating professional skills, creating new ideas, and attending competitions by they learned in class. And we also encourage students to attend society activities or international commerce. After renaming our school’s name into Business University, Student Affairs still hold three core abilities.

Humanities and Moralities

Integrity, diligence, aspiration, and perseverance are our school mottoes. Humanism, respecting others, and moral humanism cultivation are our mottoes’ main idea.We want students to be able to establish correct beliefs of life, beliefs of moral, values, global prospects, and sustainable development.


The feature of Student Affairs is not only the conversion but also the innovation and practice; therefore, breaking the traditional rules and accepting the new era changes are the ways to elaborate the functions of Student Affairs in diverse social environment. To suit the highly changeable environment, through each different  extracurricular, Student Affairs can strengthen students for learning service, which is expected to foster them with innovation and macroscopic view, and be a planner and executor. Moreover, Student Affairs has to stretch outward school to establish good relationship with other government organizations and communities and gain their resources to make the students in NTUB have more abilities to face challenges.

Communal participation

We require students to expand their aspect of communal participation that can develop social relations and the ability of retrospect, increase the diversity of activity, and train citizens to be enthusiastic about public events. The relationship between teachers and student can be developed, because teachers are no longer to only be instructors and students are no longer to only to be a learner. Instead,teachers and students learn by each other and enter the society.  Therefore, we combine the resource from two compus of Taipei and  Ping Zhen Shuang Qi  and encourage students to be a volunteer in social activities and the service for local medical sanitation.